Hailing from Miami, Florida, by way of Jamaica, singer-songwriter Teenear, is already laying the groundwork for a career that bucks the status quo. Inspired by artists ranging from Rihanna to SZA, Kiana Lede, and more, her genre-bending offerings run the gamut from future-pop to experimental R&B and soul. Not only that, they’ve already caught the ear of collaborators like Sage the Gemini, Lil Baby, Fetty Wap, and her labelmate rap veteran Trina, who was featured on the singer’s dancehall inspired “Streetlights” remix in 2016.

From childhood music has been hugely influential in Teenear’slife; she spent much of her time in the church, something that still inspires her approach to songwriting today. “My first memories of singing for people were in my church and that really instilled confidence in me, and it also made me eager to not grow up too fast in my music” the singer said, crediting her close-knit community for her creative development. Not only did she find her voice in the church choir, Teenear also joined the praise dancing team, honing a singing and dancing foundation that would help her transition into her role as the first-ever singer signed to legendary Miami-based record label Slip N’ Slide, home to Miami legends Trick Daddy and Trina.

Encouraged by her parents, who have supported her dream of being an entertainer since her early teens, Teenear launched a YouTube channel in 2013. The channel was meant to show the labels who were already expressing preliminary interest that she was serious about artist development. The young Teenear soon racked up a following performing covers of songs from her favorite artists, and within a year, Teenear’s rendition of Rihanna’s hit single “Stay” had gone viral. With several labels knocking at her door, the Miami native eventually chose Slip N’ Slide, which immediately felt like home. “We’re like a real family,” Teenear explained. “I just knew it was important for me to be somewhere where I felt like people were really looking out for me and Trick and Trina have been amazing mentors,” she continued.

In 2015, the singer debuted her first single through Slip N’ Slide, “Friday Night”. Featuring rapper Sage the Gemini the uptempo, pop-inflected offering also marked Teenear’s debut as a songwriter, a skill she would continue to refine in 2016’s “Streetlights” as well as “Something Else” and the Fetty Wap featured “Love Me or Leave Me” in 2017.

In 2020 Teenear also debuted “Special Attention ”, a track that she describes as a step in a more grown up direction.

As Teenear gears up for the release of her first studio album, she rings the alarm with her spicy new single “Ain’t Mine”. “Ain’t Mine” which samples the legendary hit “Boy Is Mine” by R&B singers Brandy and Monica, explores the mind set of Gen-z women as opposed to women of the 90’s. She sings “That Boy Ain’t Mine.” This sassy new single sets the tone that women will no longer hold each other accountable for a man’s actions instead make him to blame for his own wrong doings and in the meantime enjoy the ride!